Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Anuj announced Anupamaa the new face of the project

New Delhi: The popular show Anupamaa is a high ranking show in the TRP list. Rupali Ganguli is the main character of this show. Today we have one more spoiler for you about the upcoming episode.

In the last Episode we have seen that Anupamaa and Anuj planned a meal together, they decided to meet in a café. Where Anumapaa serves food to Anuj. At the same time Vanraj, Kavya and Rakhi also present there. Rakhi taunt Vanraj. Rakhi’s words will hurt Vanraj’s ego.

In the upcoming episode you will see that after vising the café and academy, Anuj acknowledge Anupamaa’s talent and her passion toward business. So Anuj gives partnership offer to her and also announce her as the new face pf his cafe’ and academy business. When Anupamaa came to know that Anuj like and accepted her business idea then she get tears in her eyes with pleasure. What step next Kavya and Vanraj will take to pull Anupamaa out.

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