Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Anupamaa bow down before Anuj and thanks him

New Delhi: The popular show Anupamaa is about to witness some high voltage drama with an interesting storyline. You have seen in the previous episode that Shah family is dejected with Anupamaa’s decision of accepting the offer with Anuj apart from Kinjal, Samar, and Baapuji. But now Anupamaa has made her decision of working with Anuj, Kavya is leaving no stones unturned in turning Baa against Anupamaa.

The latest episode begins with Vanraj performing Ganesh Aarti where Baa asks Kavya to give the aarti to everyone. Kavya distributes the prasad when she goes to Anupamaa, Vanraj stops her. Vanraj just gives one modak and ask her to eat rest in Anuj’s Ganesh poojan. Anupamaa gets angry where she asks Vanraj to stop taunting her because he is nothing for her.

Image: hotstar

Cafe’ gets huge orders from Anupamaa special dishes where Vanraj asks to cancel the order and remove all Anupamaa’s dishes from the menu card. Then Anuj invites Shah family into his home. He welcomed them. Anuj performs Aarti and GK informs everyone that Ganesha’s idol is made by Anuj. Anupamaa feels glad and bow down before Anuj. She thanks him with a full heart. Now in the precap, you will see Anuj talks about Panja where Vanraj comes to battle it out. Now it would be interesting to see that who will win this panja battle.

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