Anupamaa Spoiler Alert! Anupamaa distributed Rasgulla in shah house, Has she accepted the partnership offer?

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New Delhi: “Anupamaa” is the most popular show of the Indian television. Today we have one more spoiler for you related to upcoming episode.

In the last episode you have seen Vanraj and baa both of them pointed finger at Anupama where they ask her to reject the Anuj’s partnership offer. Vanraj points the finger at Anupama for winning the deal. Than Anupamaa screamed back on Vanraj by calling his full name “Vanraj Shah”. In this scene you have seen Anupama’s eyes with full of confidence.

In the latest episode of Anupamaa start with asking Anupama to reject’ s Anuj partnership offer. Baa orders Anupamaa to follow her command. On the other side you will see where Babuji supports Anupamaa for signing the contract. Major drama will begin when Anupamaa and Vanraj’s son Paritosh, Kavya, Vanraj and Baa pointed finger on Anupamaa and Anuj’ relation. After reaching home Samar and Kinjal talk to Bapuji. They want Babuji to explain Anupamaa to take right decision and sign the offer letter.

Bapuji ask Devika to fills a sense in Anupamaa’s mind. Then Devika meets Anupamaa in her academy and tries to talk to her. Anupamaa respects her family hence she decides to reject the offer for baa’s happiness while Devika against to it. Then Devika dicedes to not leave Anupamaa’s till she signs the contract. Then in the precap you will see Anupamaa rasgulla in Kapadia and Shah house. When Vanraj asks about the rasgulla then Anupamaa states that she brought the sweets because she accepts Anuj’s offer. After listening this Vanraj and Baaa both are in shock. Now it will be interesting to see Baa how she pulls Anupamaa to change the decision.

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