Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: OMG! Anuj- Anupamaa and Kavya- Vanraj come face to face on Juhu

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New Delhi: The upcoming episode of Anupamaa will showcase some dramatic and interesting twists and turns with lots of drama. As Anupamaa wished to see a beach, hence Anuj takes her in their free time. Anuj is very happy to see Anupamaa’s happiness and excitement as he has never seen anyone so happy seeing the ocean. Anuj also enjoys with Anupamaa where he maintains his distance shares his coat to keep her warm.

Anuj-Anupamaa and Vanraj Kavya come face to face

Anuj just cannot stop smiling after seeing Anupamaa so happy as this is the first day post 25 long years she has only been smiling since morning without any pain. Anuj-Anupamaa continues their walk on Juhu beach they come face to face with Kavya and Vanraj.

Vanraj to feel love with Anupamaa

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In this new Mumbai storyline has more twists with interesting drama. As Anuj- Anu are enjoying themselves together in Mumbai Vanraj turns restless and reaches there. Vanraj feels jealous to see Anuj and Anupamaa and then Kavya- Vanraj reach there and come face to face on Juhu beach. Vanraj taunts Anuj and Anupamaa over their work going on in Juhu beach when Anupamaa turns much angry and walks away with Anuj. Not only Anuj but Vanraj also feel love for Anupamaa and his wife Kavya too learns the same. Now it would be interesting to see that Is Vanraj still love Anupamaa?

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