Anupamaa Spoiler Alert! Vanraj pointed the Finger at Anupama’s character


New Delhi: The popular show Anupamaa is the top show of the Indian television. Today we have one more spoiler for you about the upcoming episode.

In the previous episode we have seen that after vising the café and academy, Anuj acknowledge Anupamaa’s talent and her passion. So Anuj gives partnership offerto her. When Anupamaa came to know that Anuj like and accepted her business idea then she got emotional. She neve expected that her ides would get selected while Anuj’s team like the unique idea and hence he prefer Anupamaa over Kavya Vanraj.

Now in the upcoming episode you will see Vanraj and baa both of them pointed finger at Anupama where they ask her to reject the Anuj’s business offer. Vanraj points the finger at Anupama’s character for winning the big deal. Than Anupamaa scream back on Vanraj by calling his full name “Vanraj Shah”. And she states that her idea was best so that she won the deal. In this scene will see a confidence in Anupamaa’s eyes. Now it would be interesting and dramatic to see Vanraj’s next step to pull Anupamaa down.

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