Anupamaa Spoiler Alert! Vanraj won the challenge but Anuj won Anupamaa’s heart

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New Delhi: The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ popular show ‘Anupamaa’ will showcase interesting twists and turns with lots of drama. The entire Shah family apart from Vanraj and Toshu enjoying Anuj’s house. Anuj welcomed the Shah family and serves the snacks to everyone. Suddenly Baabuji and GK talk about the Panja when Anupamaa unfolds the fact and said, Anuj was the winner during their college days in the Panja competition. Then Vanraj marks his entry where he talks about his Panja pride during college time.

Anuj Vs Vanraj

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Vanraj marks his entry and he talks about his Panja pride during college time. Then Vanraj and Anuj get ready for the Panja battle where they both want to win the game. Vanraj is not going to lose the game at any cost where Anuj unfolds that he also loves to win the battle.

Anupamaa does not show interest

Anuj and Vanraj both want to win the battle then the game turns tough. And do you know who is the winner, Vanraj is the winner of this Panja battle and Anuj loses the game intentionally because Anuj notices that Anupamaa is not interested in this Panja game so that he loses the game as his real trophy is Anupamaa not the game with Vanraj. Anuj only wants to win Anupamaa’s heart. Now it would be interesting to see that what will happens next in the show.

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