Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: OMG! Samar choose Anuj over Vanraj to save Nadini’s life

Image Credit: Voot/Screengrab

New Delhi: The upcoming episode of the most popular show of the famous actress Rupali Ganguly, Anupamaa will showcase some interesting twists and turns with high voltage drama. In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Anupamaa getting ready for the competition and heading out.

When neighbours come in and start blaming Anupamaa. They badmouth for breaking their family peace. They also call her a divorcee who broke her own house and now wants to break other’s houses. Meanwhile, Vanraj and Kavya come for Anupamaa’s support and asks Baa to let her go.

Now, Baa is happy over Anupamaa’s failure but Babuji hears it out and makes arrangements in Anupamaa Dance Academy for the competition. Anupamaa thanks Bapuji and Anuj for the wonderful arrangement in a jiffy.

Samar gets his first paycheque and seeks Baa Bapuji blessing. Then Samar goes to meet Nandini when he gets read letter that Nandini left-back to US. Anupamaa decides to inform Vanraj right away but Samra informs Anuj Kapadia first, and Anuj runs immediately to save Nandini’s life. Now it would be interesting to see what happens next in the show Anupamaa.

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