Bailable warrant issued against Ameesha Patel: Here’s why

Bailable warrant issued against Ameesha Patel: Here's why

The District and sessions court of Bhopal issued a bailable warrant against actress Ameesha Patel.

She is also a star campaigner for the Congress party in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.

The case pertains to cheque bounce. UTF Telefilms Private Limited has filed a cheque bounce case of Rs 32.25 lakh against Ameesha Patel.

The district court has issued directions to the actress to be present during the hearing on December 4.

As per the case, the actress and her company M/S Ameesha Patel Production had borrowed Rs 32.25 lakh from UTF Telefilms Pvt Ltd in the name of making a film.

Under the agreement, she had given two cheques to the company in lieu of Rs 32.25 lakh, which got dis-honoured.

The grieved party has filed a case in the District Court Bhopal on behalf of UTF Telefilms Pvt Ltd.

Thereafter, a bailable warrant was issued against Ameesha Patel on Monday.

If Ameesha Patel does not appear in the District Court on the said date, then an arrest warrant may be issued.

A bounced cheque means when the writer of the check has insufficient funds available to fulfil the payment amount.

So, when a cheque bounces, they are not honoured by the depositor’s bank. This may also result in fees and banking restrictions.


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