Beauty pageants to parenting goals, a flashback to Sushmita Sen’s fulfilling career

As Sushmita Sen turns 45 today, social media has already started flooding with birthday wishes and warm greetings. Single mother of two adopted children, Renee (20) and Alisah (11), Sushmita Sen went against the convention to define her life choices. On her birthday, here’s a flashback to her life’s journey

  • Born on 19th November in 1975, Sushmita Sen made her first public appearance at the Air Force Club Contest. She later decided to partake in the Miss India beauty pageant in the year 1994 and won Miss Universe crown. Many of her diehard fans still don’t she was almost on the verge of not becoming Miss Universe because of a passport fiasco. She was asked to let the first runner-up Aishwarya Rai go for the competition. But Sushmita, being strong-willed and highly determined as she is, told her father, “If I can’t go (for Miss Universe) then nobody else can.”
  • Unlike, many contestants, Sushmita Sen didn’t wear a designer gown in the final round of beauty pageant. Since Sushmita belonged to a middle-class family and her family’s budget wasn’t huge enough to afford a designer gown. Her mother, Subhra Sen, got the gown stitched by a not-s0-popular tailor from Meena Bazaar in Delhi. Not only the gown story is interesting, her gloves were also made out of a pair of regular socks.
  • Sushmita Sen has always been firm determined towards every decision she takes. At the age of 25, she decided to adopt Renee. Today, she is single-handedly looking after both of her daughters and setting parenting goals. It’s challenging and being a single mother isn’t easy, but you learn so much, and it really makes you appreciate your own parents,” she says.
  • Against every societal stereotypes and conventions, Sushmita Sen has always been loud and clear about all of her relationships whether it was with an actor, model or business tycoon.
  • Till the age of 16, Sushmita studied in a Hindi medium school where she didn’t know English. With her strong will, she mastered English language.
  • Sushmita Sen has started a foundation named I AM foundation. She is a philanthropist and she contributed towards the welfare and education of children.
  • ”Poems are rhymes of the heart that express one emotion as they are written, but transform into countless different feelings when read by others,” she says. Sushmita Sen has a poetic streak and her Instagram posts display that she is more of a quote book fan.

Living her life at her own terms, Sushmita Sen has an unconventional and inspiring lifestyle.