Bigg Boss 15: Junglewasis are against Pratik Sehajpal over his actions

Pratik Sehajpal
Image credits: Instagram/Pratik Sehajpal

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15 is getting difficult day by day for Junglewasis. None of the contestants is happy with Pratik’s behavior in the house. This time the Junglewasis are against Pratik Sehajpal over his actions. This time Pratik is in the news when he broke the bathroom lock while Vidhi was taking a shower inside. Everyone including Gaharwales was pissed over his action. Vidhi was very angry after which she gets into a fight with him.  Vidhi said if someone is inside the washroom and taking a shower why would he do that and it’s not the right thing to do on the National Television.

Everyone lashes out at Pratik over his action. While Vishal Kotian explains what he did by giving him a real-life situation. He asked, “Would he react the same way, had someone else tried to break the latch when his sister was having a bath inside”. To which Pratik replied, he would have not minded, which left everyone shocked.


All the housemates lash out at Pratik over his behavior, but he continues to behave the same and is not ready to accept his mistake. Vidhi tells him that she doesn’t have any doubt about his intentions but what he did, any girl will not tolerate it and it is a very scary feeling for a girl. Tejasswi also tries to explain to Pratik what he did was very wrong.

Further, Karan Kundrra lashes out at him and tells him that it’s about Vidhi and how she feels. Karan said, “The entire day, you preach to everyone, respect mother and sister and what about other’s sisters’. You don’t know how to treat a woman, be careful about it. And everything is not about the game.”

However, Pratik apologized to Vidhi but as she was very angry over his actions she says if the apology is not coming from your heart no need for it.

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