Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty gets emotional and gives Miesha Iyer a Pair of Sandals

Shamita Shetty
Image credits: Instagram/ Shamita Shetty

New Delhi: In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 Shamita Shetty gets emotional for destroying Miesha Iyer’s sandals. This was done during the task by Pratik, after which Shamita apologized to Miesha for this act and assures her that Pratik was not aware of it.

Miesha Iyer gets upset and tells Pratik that he knows she has nobody outside, who will send her necessary items inside the house. To which, Pratik apologizes to her and hugs her. Shamita Shetty also consoles her and says that she will make it up for it.


When Miesha goes out for her kitchen duty, Shamita asks Pratik why did she say that she has nobody outside to send her items. Pratik tells Shamita that Miesha’s parents are no more. After knowing this Shamita feels guilty and gets emotional.

Shamita, asks Pratik to call Miesha immediately into the house. The actress offers two pairs of shoes and asks her to choose whichever she likes. Miesha refuses the offer but the actress says, “There is no choice, take whichever you want.”

Miesha says that she can’t take anything from her as it is not allowed. Miesha tells Shamita that the shoes she destroyed weren’t as expensive as hers. Shamita tells her she has no choice and she should not think about any of it and says, “I am keeping it in the box.”

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