Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty’s mother visits her in the house, know what she said

Shamita Shetty
Image credits: Instagram/Shamita Shetty

New Delhi: Bigg Boss OTT contestants witnessed an emotional day wherein family members of the contestants entered the house to motivate them for the finale. All the contestants were asked to freeze whenever a family member entered the BB house. If we talk about Shamita Shetty’s family visit, her mother visited the house and had a heart-to-heart conversation with her daughter.

Sunanda Shetty entered the house and praised all the housemates. The actress’s mother first asked Raqesh how’s he doing and then informed him that Shamita and his connection is trending outside. She asked Raqesh to show his real side and be the person he actually is and not change for others. She also told him to play his game whether it is good, bad, or ugly. She also appreciated how he opened up about a task when Nia Sharma came on the show and motivated him that he doesn’t need to shout to be seen on the show.

Later, BB OTT contestant Shamita asked her mother that, isn’t Raqesh sweet? Shamita’s mom shared, “He is such a sweet man, he’s a gentleman.”


Shamita also told her mother that people in the house call her bossy, and asked if she is bossy, “Bossy from which angle, you have not come with golden horns on your head. You came in as a simple girl just as other participants. People are intimidated and you are a normal simple girl in the house. You don’t need to change yourself for others. I know who you are, let me tell you what the world thinks, you are, they think you are a queen as you are residing in their hearts. I know you don’t deserve many things that are hurled at you. Ups and downs are a part of life,” Shamita’s mom said.

Later, Shamita sked about her sister Shilpa, her mother said, “Shilpa is good, everyone is ok. She misses you a lot and we all are proud of you. She gets her daily updates from me when she is busy with her life. Just be happy and be who you are. Your instincts are so good. We missed a lot and I am not crying. You have to be stronger. I’ve seen you as a simple girl in the house, there were no airs about you.. I am strong, you are strong and we have three strong women in our house.”

At last, Shamita’s mom also thanked Neha for supporting her daughter and always standing by her. She told Pratik that earlier she thought he would be the noisiest one in the house, but he is a coconut, tough from outside, but soft from inside. Shamita’s mom then talked about Nishant and called him ‘Meethi Churi’.

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