Bollywood Celebrities discover their doppelgangers through social media: SEE PICS

disha penelope
Images: Instagram

All humans are said to have 6 doppelgangers around the world. While they may be hard to find, fans prove to be an advantage for celebrities. Here are 6 Bollywood celebrities who found their doppelgangers through fans and social media:

Anushka Sharma and Julia Michaels

Images: Instagram

Julia is a famous American artist who tweeted out to Anushka calling her her ‘twin’. Anushka excitedly responded, hilariously sharing that she’s been looking for her dopplegangers all her life.

Jacqueline Fernandez and Amanda Cerny

The duo met twice in LA and mumbai after fans pointed out to them how similar they look.

Priyanka Chopra and Navpreet Banga

priyanka navpreet
Images: Instagram

“Showed this to mom and almost fooled her hahaha! Navpreet Banga, this is uncanny but Mom knows best. Doppelganger,” Priyanka Chopra wrote when she found her doppleganger.

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Tiger shroff and David Saharia

tiger david
Images: Instagram

Fans went gaga upon noticing the stark similarity between Assamese model David Saharia and Tiger Shroff. The duo not only have identical hair and feautures, but also a very similar body.

Disha Patani and Penelope Cruz

disha penelope
Images: Instagram

Disha was overwhelmed when fans noticed a striking similarity between her and Hollywood sensation Penelope Cruz. Her excitement knew no bounds as she shared that Penelope has been her role model since a long time.

Madhubala and Priyanka Kandwal

madhubala doppelganger
Images: Instagram

Tik tok celebrity Kandwal was more than pleased when viewers started commenting that she looks an awful lot like veteran Bollywood actress Madhubala. She even created a few videos which went viral as fans called her “Hyderabadi Madhubala”.

While Aishwarya Rai Bachchan found hers in Aamna Imrann from Pakistan and Fahad Mustafa is said to share features similar to Deepika Padukone, have you found your doppelganger yet?

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