BTS: ARMY goes mad over Suga’s Ponytail In ‘That That’ Dance Practice Video, said ‘Yoongi Marry Me’ [WATCH]


A new BTS Bangtan Bomb was released, featuring member Suga practising the choreography for his recently released song ‘That That’. On That That, the rapper collaborated with K-pop legend PSY. Not only did the BTS member produce it, but he also starred in the music video.

Min Yoongi was seen in the new video diligently learning the song’s dance routine. The choreographer praised the K-pop idol for quickly learning the steps halfway through learning the choreography. However, the rapper admitted that he was having difficulty with some of the choreography. “The leg moves are difficult,” he admitted, but he made sure to practise to perfect the detailing.

After a few days of practise, he joined PSY for a rehearsal with him and the background dancers. Yoongi was clearly exhausted after the rehearsal but excited for the shoot.

Fans noticed that the BTS member tied his hair back into a ponytail during the rehearsal. Fans were brought to their knees by the sight. As expected, several fans resurrected the ‘Yoongi Marry Me’ remark.

PSY revealed last month on Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything) that Yoongi approached him with the idea for the collaboration. “I received a text message from an unknown number one day.” ‘Hello, this is Suga,’ it said. I’d like to discuss something with you.’ So we got together. Of course, (Suga) is a fantastic performer, but he’s also a fantastic composer.

He’s previously produced songs for IU and Heize. So he’d previously produced many songs for other stars, and he told me that he wanted to cap off his producing project by giving me a song,” PSY said, according to Soompi.