BTS ‘Butter’ teaser: Jin, Jomin, Suga and others ready to ‘Get it, Let it, Roll’

Image Credit: Screengrab

The most important brand on the planet South Korean juggernaut BTS is ready to launch second English ‘Butter’ after topping the charts last year with their first one ‘Dynamite’ accompanied by their Korean life ‘life goes on’. After grouping every promotion content material, the first music video teaser is finally out and audience are loving it.

The black & white teaser reveals RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook in a sparkly, crisp yet stylish fits in both white and black colors with extra drama of slick hairstyle, cropped jackets and shoulder pads. The septet sends a flying kiss to the screen as they bop their heads when the scene rolls to a plate of pancakes dripped with butter.

The lyrics in Jungkook’s voice is the additional suprise in the song where he first time croons “Get it, Let it, Roll!”.

The ‘Dynamite’ was 70s retro-themed disco-pop sound. Whereas, ‘Butter’ is more into the charismatic 80s era of synth-disco sound. The beats is somewhere related to ‘Another one Bites The Dust’ by Queen as the era remains an absolute classic.

BTS has racked up hits after hits so the anticipation for ‘Butter’ is immense. All eyes on BTS as we enter the brand new period of BANGTAN MUSIC.

BTS will launch their new single ‘Butter’ on Could 21. This music is the second English single following ‘Dynamite‘ launched in August. The primary efficiency of the music will occur at Billboard Music Awards 2021.

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