BTS: RM, J-Hope get Nostalgic about Group’s Old House, read what they said

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BTS, the Grammy-nominated boy band, is about to release its new anthology, Proof. The album includes three new songs as well as some of their biggest hits from their career. The tracklist was released in three instalments.

This week, BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will each release their own ‘Proof of Inspiration,’ explaining why they chose the songs they did. The members have now shared a video on their official BTS Spotify account in which they discuss their upcoming album, their days as debutants, and other topics.

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The video begins with RM stating that the upcoming album reflects what BTS has done throughout their career. “Let us start with our childhood, the School trilogy.” It’s time to relive our past. “Can you recall anything from when we first debuted?” Kim Namjoon polled his colleagues.

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Seokjin recalled eating black bean noodles in the green room of an empty house. “In the green room, we discussed eating black bean noodles in the empty house without realising it was empty.” “He stated. “The term ’empty house’ may cause confusion.” “Namjoon informed him before informing the fans that they were discussing their old house.

“You should’ve said the ’empty house’ that we still have the lease on,” Yoongi added. Namjoon admitted, “It sounds like Home Alone,” when Jin repeated it. Hoseok jumped in, revealing that he had just passed by the street near their old house. “Not much has changed,” the rapper said. “I visit nearby once a year,” RM commented. “I go there a lot,” Yoongi said.

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“I prepared RM’s lunch box when RM took the college entrance exam,” a delighted Jin revealed, adding that they prepared food without seasoning. “That’s right. We did it all together. “That’s right,” Hobi added. “We also made Suga’s lunch box,” added Hobi.

Let us tell you, BTS’s new album, will be released on June 10.

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