BTS Star Suga Expresses His Views About Mental Health

BTS Suga Expressed His Views on Mental Health
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BTS member Suga talked about addressing mental health issues and expresses his emotions by songwriting.

The magazine released some individual digital covers and interviews with the boyband’s member in the celebration of BTS ‘Rolling Stone’.

While interviewing Suga, he opened up about his past regarding the struggles with mental health and how he relates the lyrics with his emotional struggle.

It makes him feel good when his fans find consolation through his words. He says, “I think, for anybody, these emotions are not something that need to be hidden. They need to be discussed and expressed.

Suga describes his feelings as “almost like cold weather”. He said, “I’m comfortable now and feeling good, but those sorts of negative emotions come and go… It may come back in a cycle over a year, year and a half.”

He explained his songwriting process and said, “Sometimes it may be a word that pops up and I build on that word, or someone could make a request for a certain way they would like a song to be developed.” “Oftentimes, we decide on a theme and then we sort of freely work from the larger overarching theme that we may have.”

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