Carryminati and Jannat Zubair: What is this secret connection?

One of the most popular digital stars, Carryminati and Jannat Zubair have been taking the social media by the storm. These social media sensations have crazy fan following as for obvious reasons. Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati has been making headlines with his popular videos on YouTube and has a young fan base. Always passionate about his dream of becoming a successful YouTuber, the world witnessed Carryminati’s first video when he was just 10 years old.

This young, creative and talented social media star, Carryminati has won millions of hearts with his funny and engaging video content. This lively YouTuber has been inspiring many young hearts and people are following his YouTube channel. At present, Carryminati has approx. 26 million YouTube subscribers.

Recently, this young celebrity made headlines with his roast of a Tiktok star. After some controversy and buzz, this YouTube star launched his much-awaited song video named “Yalgaar”. Since, Carryminati presents his video content in Hindi language, he has been catering to the taste of a larger fan base. His content possesses a youth connect and many teenagers and college students are big fans of Carryminati.

Popular TV actress Jannat Zubair is also known for her entertaining and lively Tiktok videos that keep her fans entertained. This young actress was seen on TV screen when she acted in Tu Aashiqui. Popular amongst various age groups, Jannat has been foremost TikTok star where she used to post funny and entertaining videos.

Owing to her acting experience and talent, today, Jannat is rising to become a social media sensation and influencer.

Although Carryminati and Jannati Zubair have different social media appearance and work field, both of these share a secret connection. While one of them is a popular TV and TikTok star, the other is known for his super-entertaining Youtube videos. The one this that’s similar in both of the social media stars is that they have a huge and growing fan following.

These stars keep themselves involved in social media and always connect with their fans. These young and creative talents post about the things that happen in their lives almost regularly.

With their contemporary talent and flexible content creation, both of these stars are achieving huge success on social media. Jannat Zubair is a celebrated actress who has now attained 21.4 million followers on Instagram. On the other hand, successfully growing YouTuber Carryminati has got 26 million subscribers on YouTube.

Both of these stars present an entertaining and engaging content that compels their fans to drop millions of likes and love reacts.