Devoleena Bhattacharjee attends Divya Bhatnagar’s prayer meet

Bigg Boss 13 contestant and popular TV actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee attended the prayer meet of late TV actress Divya Bhatnagar. Divya was admitted to hospital because of pneumonia and was later found COVID-19 positive.

Divya Bhatnagar lost her battle against COVID-19 and passed away on December 7.

There are many pictures of Devoleena Bhattacharjee surfacing on the internet that show Devoleena sitting with her friend Divya’s family. Devoleena was also seen crying at the prayer meet.

Ever since Devoleena shared a video on Instagram and accused Divya’s husband of imposing physical assault and mental torture on the late actress, Devoleena has been on the target of social media trolls.

After the demise of Divya, Devoleena took to her instagram and shared a video where she claimed that Divya was facing domestic violence in her marriage.

While doubting Devoleena’s intentions and calling her video as a publicity stunt an Instagram user wrote One Instagram user doubted Devoleena’s intentions and wrote, “Y do people stay Mum & silent when things are happening and after death pretend justice warrior with few tweets & video !! This isn’t first case that involves Devoleena, I remember she knew about Pratyusha banerjee as well.”

Devoleena responded saying, “And who told you that i knew about pratyusha..I dint even know her personally.2ndly dont you even dare to poke your nasty nose in this.Mind your own business..i hope you wont go thru the same my friend did & i wish U would definitely tell Ur frens & family if that happns anyway.”

Devoleena had shared a video on her Instagram that and accused Divya’s husband Gagan Gabru of physically assaulting Divya. However, Gagan had brushed off every allegations and claimed that Devoleena’s videos are nothing but publicity stunt.

Devoleena backlashed at Gagan Gabru with some pictures as solid evidences.


She also shared chats of the late actor on Instagram and wrote, “Ok so sharing few of the incidents and also the chats between divya and her friend and also her neighbour who is the witness of all….The assault she had gone through no can even imagin….Lets fight against domestic violence and punish the culprit… #divyabhatnagarofficial.”

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