Dhindora Episode 1 Out Now, YouTuber Bhuvan Bam plays 9 characters in it!

Image Credit: Bhuvan Bam/ Instagram

New Delhi: Bhuvan Bam is the famous Indian YouTuber. He is one of the most popular YouTuber with close to 21 million subscribers on his channel BB Ki Vines’. Bhuvan Bam is known for his humorous content on his YouTube Channel. Today we are going to talk about his debut web series Dhindora. Bhuvan released its first episode on October 14. In this YouTube show he plays 9 characters at own. This web series is directed by Himank Gaur, produced by Rohit Raj, and written by Bhuvan Bam.

Now Let’s talk about the storyline. Dhindora is about a middle-class man (Bam) who is struggling to earn a substantial income. His life becomes worse when he is fired from the job. Just when he feels that it might be over for him, he wins a huge sum in a lottery. This, obviously, makes him feel that his miseries are now over. However, the chaos in his life multiplies after this.


Although Dhindora is a YouTube show, it has production values that can be compared with a movie or a web series.

Now let’s talk about The characters, in an interview, Bhuvan Bam said that he first conceive this Dhindora idea in 2017. He said that this is a real moment for all of us because Dhindora is the story of a common man and his journey, in which some incidents happen and how do he and everyone associated with him react to them, this is what this series will tell.

The web series spanning over eight episodes, Bhuvan will be seen alongside nine characters from his YouTube channel ‘Bibi Ki Vines’. Talking about his characters in the show, Bhuvan shared that I am playing many characters from BB Ki Vines, and I had to prepare separately for all the nine characters to be played in the show. I have played many characters at the same time. It was challenging, but also thrilling and I enjoyed it a lot.


In his Many interviews Bhuvan State that his favorite character is Titu Mama. He enjoys the role of Titu Mama a lot. He also said that his Reel life mama is inspired by real-life mama. Talking about the character of his reel life mother Janki ji, he said that Janki ji was the most difficult character to play. Overall, these characters are a real-life inspiration for him in some way or the other. Bhuvan states that ‘I am grateful to be able to bring their stories.’

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