Gia from Kal Ho Naa Ho: Here’s what Jhanak Shukla is upto now

jhanak shukla
Images: Instagram

Jhanak Shukla, popularly known as Gia from Kal Ho Naa Ho or Karishma from Karishma ka Karishma, claimes she retired from acting at the age of 15.

While she played a young girl pining for her grandmother’s affection in Kal Ho Naa Ho, she also took up the complex role of playing a stoic robot spicing up an ordinary family’s life in Karishma ka Karishma. She also starred in Son Pari as Princy.

The audiences loved her and she became a popular face in the early 2000s. She recalls that she was often recognised and approached by fans in public. While a part of her enjoyed it as a child, she admits she wants nothing to do with it anymore.

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In an interview, Jhanak shared that she lost a part of her childhood due to her career. Although, her parents made her take breaks in between projects, Jhanak felt her work made her grow up too quickly.

Outgoing and extroverted as a child, Jhanak now calls herself a shy, reserved girl. Her love for history as a child went on to become her current occupation.

An archaeologist by profession, Jhanak is also the founder of ‘Roomaal’ an online soap shop. The 25 year old wants to work a museum in New Zealand and settle down there for a relaxed and peaceful life.

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