Happy Birthday Ajith: Interesting facts about Thala

Happy Birthday Ajith Thala

Tamil cinema superstar ‘Thala’ Ajith is celebrating his 50th birthday this year. Initially, it had been announced that the first look from Ajith’s upcoming film ‘Valimai’ will be unveiled on the occasion but the actor decided otherwise. The makers of the film have decided to postpone the event as a sign of respect to the people suffering at the hands of COVID-19.

Thala is one of the most popular yet humble actors of the industry. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about the superstar:

Ajith’s family

Born to a Bengali mother, Ajith struggled to speak Tamil during the early days of his career. His elder brother is a stockbroker in New York while their younger sibling graduated from IIT Madras and settled in Seattle. Thala also had twin sisters who passed away at a young age.

Ajith’s marriage

Happy Birthday Ajith Thala

In 1999, Ajith’s relationship with co-star Shalini became the talk of the town. The couple got married in 2000 and have two children, Anoushka and Aadvik.

Ajith’s nature

Thala is one of the most grounded and humble actors of the industry. He ensures that he nevers exploits his privilege and likes to lead his personal life miles away from his stardom.

Ajith’s racing passion

Happy Birthday Ajith Thala

Thala actually started his modelling career in order to fund his training to become a professional racecar driver. He pursued this interest till 1993, when he suffered a serious back injury. He competed in many prestigious circuits and championships during his time.

Ajith’s media absence

Ajith is notoriously famous for always evading the media and skipping promotional events. Despite that, his films still receive a massive opening at the box office. His mysterious personality adds a sense of intrigue among fans who go to lengths to meet him.

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Ajith’s dislike towards fan clubs

Upon realising that some of his fan clubs were misusing his name to raise funds, he issued a warning letter to the unruly fans. In light of the worsening situation, in 2011, he decided to dissolve all fan clubs citing their immoral behaviour. Although, this did not impact his stardom in any way, as fans till date go gaga over his movies.

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