Haseen Dillruba trailer: Taapsee Pannu’s exciting love triangle in upcoming murder-mystery

Haseen Dilrubba trailer
Image: Taapsee Pannu/ Instagram

Netflix’s upcoming movie Haseen Dillruba has a star cast including Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. Helmed by Vinil Mathew, this film claims to be mind-bending murder mystery.

The trailer introduces us to the character of Rani Kashyap, played by Pannu, who is newly married to Rishu, played by Massey. The untimely death of Rishu shifts the focus on Rani as the prime suspect in his murder case. It turns out that Rani was practicing infidelity with Rane’s character who might be linked to the explosion that cause Rishu’s death.

CID fame actor Aditya Srivastava is seen in the role of a cop who is certain Rani is the culprit, though she seems unphased. The trailer promises a witty, exciting love triangle with a mysterious whodunit.

The official synopsis of Haseen Dillruba reads, “The gruesome death of a man rocks a small town and casts a shadow of suspicion on his wife. Is she an innocent victim as she claims? Or is she the mastermind behind a cold, calculated murder? What really happened? Nothing is as it seems in this unpredictable tale of love, seduction, and deception. This is #TheUltimateKaunspiracy”

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Talking about the film, Taapsee revealed she was not the first choice for Haseen Dillruba. She said, “Haseen Dillruba was a film I had a very strong gut feeling about the day I heard the basic idea from Kanika. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the first choice for the film and it came to me after all their options were exhausted. And the good old saying that, if it’s meant for you it will come to you stands true for this case. It’s not just a beautifully written mystery, it has such wonderful characters involved which is candy in an actor’s hands. I am glad I got to experiment with my look and performance with this one because I am definitely not the go-to person for this kind of character conventionally and we all love to take risks here.”

Vikrant Massey said, “Haseen Dillruba is the perfect mix of humour, quirk, revenge and romance. I hope it surprises the audience as much as it surprised me when I heard it first. It was an enthralling experience shooting for it”.

Haseen Dilrubba will release on Netflix worldwide on July 2, 2021.

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