Karan Kundrra brings his A-game to ramp as showstopper, Tejasswi- a Big miss?

Karan Kundrra brings his A-game to ramp as showstopper, Tejasswi- a Big miss?

Karan Kundra became a showstopper for the popular Men’s Designer Mayank Chawla. In the Delhi Times Fashion Week showstopper Karan Kundra was a man in black. All eyes remained on him and his bow– the gentle man look that Karan Kundra carried on the ramp.

Along with Karan Kundra, singer Jassi Gill also became the cute showstopper on-ramp. Both the celebrities brought their A-Game to the show. As we all know that when it comes to talking about Karan Kundra Tejasswi Prakash also gets the limelight.

Sharing on Instagram the Designer Mayank Chawla called it a big milestone. Karan can be seen walking like a pro on the ramp amid louder cheers and clapping.

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra have been rightly labelled as one of the best couples in the tv industry. Their online and offline chemistry is visibly full of love and dedication. The couple recently posted some sweet moments out of their busy schedule on Instagram.

Karan and Teja can be seen together, happily posing for the pictures. The couple has been in the limelight since her entry in the Bigg Boss House. Now the sweet couple TejRan aka Tejasswi Karan are a big hit among the masses. Tejasswi has just shared a relaxing post on her Instagram. The Naagin actress has been quite active on social media since her early tv days.

Notably, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash have been one of the top contestants of the Bigg Boss 15. Since Tejaswi entered the main house of the Bigg Boss their chemistry was lacking. But now the duo is back together with a bang. The duo is amazing when it comes to entertaining their fans.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boos, Karan and Tejasswi were seen sitting close to each other and discussing their issues. Tejasswi also solved her issues with him, and Karan agreed to her and said that he is fond of her.

Tejasswi Prakash confessed to Karan that she feels good vibes from him. But people around him have become very protective of him. Karan confessed that he really felt bad when she moved to the main house as he is really fond of her.

After the episode, their fans noticed the chemistry growing between the duo and their hashtag went viral. It’s trending on Twitter #TejRan and #TejRanForever.

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