KBC 13: Contestant Hussain Vohra attempts the Rs 1 Crore question

Hussain Vohra in KBC 13

The Amitabh Bachchan-hosted quiz show KBC 13 welcomes people from different parts of the country, all with the hope of becoming a millionaire. However, not everybody manages to fulfil their dream of winning crores. Himani Bundela became the first crorepati in this ongoing 13th season of KBC 13.

In Tuesday’s episode of KBC 13, Contestant, Hussain Vohra attempted the Rs 1 crore . He answered the rest of the questions correctly and won Rs 50 lakh. Hussain Vohra hails from Pune and wishes to build a house for himself. He also shared that his friends from college nicknamed him ‘Google’. He could not answer the 15th question worth Rs 1 crore and thus, he quit the show.

What was the question that made Hussain quit the show?

The Rs 1 crore question that Hussain got stumped on was, “Among the peaks known as the eight-thousanders, which is the shortest in height but was the last peak to be successfully ascended?” The options being: Nanga Parbat, Annapurna, Gasherbrum 1 and Shishapangma. The correct answer was Shishapangma.

Previously, on the show, contestants – Savita Bhati and Pranshu Tripathi won Rs 50 lakh as they could not answer the Rs 1 crore question. Himani Bundela won Rs 1 crore and attempted the jackpot Rs 7 crore question.

In the new promo of KBC 13 released online, celebrity guests Hema Malini and Ramesh Sippy can be seen. This Friday’s episode is going to be a Sholay special.