Kendall Jenner opens up about her anxiety attacks: “Sometimes I think I’m dying”

kendall jenner opens up about mental health
Image: Kendall Jenner/ Instagram

In a recent collaboration with Vogue, Kendall Jenner was a part of their four-part video series ‘Open Minded’. The model opened up about her experiences with anxiety and mental health.

“I remember being really young and having shortness of breath and going to my mom and telling her that,” Kendall Jenner recalled. “In hindsight, now I know that that was obviously anxiety.”

She spoke candidly about her symptoms and emotions. “I’ve had times where I feel like I need to be rushed to the hospital because I think my heart’s failing and I can’t breathe and I need someone to help me. Sometimes I think I’m dying”.

Talking about privilege, Kendall Jenner said, “I’ll never sit here and say that I’m not fortunate. I know I live a very privileged, amazing lifestyle. I’m a very blessed girl,” she said before adding, “I’m still a human being at the end of the day”. “No matter what someone has or doesn’t have, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have real-life feelings and emotions,” she said.

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Being in the limelight since a young age does take a toll on you, she said. “I think being overworked and being in the situation that I’m in now is kind of what set it out of control in a way,” Kendall shared. The pandemic also has had an adverse affect on her mental health, as she shares, “If I go to a dinner or if I see a few more of my friends than I’m used to seeing throughout this last year, that gives me anxiety”.

Content with her conversation with a psychologist, Kendall concluded, “We actually talked about so much stuff we have never talked about and have never been able to put to bed or address. And we did it.”

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