Najwa Nimri age, career, Husband, Net worth, and all you need to know about Money Heist’s Sierra

najwa nimri
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New Delhi: Najwa Nimri was born on 14 February 1972 in Spain. Her mother is Basque and her father is Karam Nimri who was a resident of Jordan. Her mother was from the Navarrese community. She has a real brother named Karim Nimri, and a step-brother named Andre Nimri, and two stepsisters named Sarah and Nadia Nimri. Very few people know that the actress is also a good singer.

Najwa Nimri Career

Najwa Nimri began her career with the first major film role in Salto al vacío. The film was directed by Daniel Calparsoro. She started her singing career with a small group and formed the band with Carlos Jean called Najwajean in 1996. The actress was widely praised for her roles in Jlio Médem’s 2nd film as Ana in Lovers of the Arctic Circle and Elena in Lucía y el Sexo. The actress got popular in 2019 when she played the role of Alicia Sierra, a police lady inspector in La Casa de Papel aka money heist.


Najwa Nimri Personal life

Najwa Nimri was married to Daniel Calparasoro on 30 June 2004, they had a son named Teo. As per reports, Najwa Nimri is dating Martin Nabil these days

Najwa Nimri Net worth

Najwa Nimri source of income was from different places like films, advertisements, online paid promotion, television, brand ads promotion, and others. As per reports from 2018 to 2021 she has earning of 3 Million dollars.

Najwa as Alicia Sierra

Najwa Nimri played the role of inspector Alicia Sierra. Najwa is a beautiful and young police inspector and plays the role of catching the culprit. In recent times, if we talk briefly about the money heist web series, Alicia Sierra has played an important role in the inspector, but the professor in front of her is not able to catch her as she has a bright mind.

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