Neha Kakkar: Read the ace singer’s rags to riches life story

Ranked amongst one of the most loved, successful and inspiring singers, Neha Kakkar has always been in headlines with public presence. The ace singer has achieved some of the topmost ends of the success ladder and still kept her feet grounded to earth. The singer was in headlines with her big, fat Indian wedding with singer Rohanpreet Singh. Months before her wedding Neha Kakkar took to her Instagram and shared her inspiring story of overcoming all odds.

Neha Kakkar was born in a one room house in Rishikesh and today, she has bought a swanky bungalow in the same city. On her Instagram, Neha Kakkar shared the photos of her newly-owned bungalow and her first ever one room rented house.

The singer captioned the photos as, “This is the Bungalow we own now in Rishikesh and swipe right to see the house where I was born. In the same house we Kakkars used to stay in one room inside which my mother used to put a table, which was our kitchen in that small room. And that room also was not our own, we were paying rent. And now whenever I see our own bungalow in the same city, I always get emotional.”

#SelfMade #NehaKakkar Biggest Thanks to My Family @sonukakkarofficial @tonykakkar Mom and Dad and Ofcourse My NeHearts and All My Well-wishers. #NehuDiaries #Utrakhand #KakkarFamily,” she added.

The singer started her journey as a contestant in Indian Idol Season 2 and ever since then, Neha Kakkar hasn’t looked back. As revealed by her brother Tony Kakkar the singer used to sing bhajans to earn a living. The singer also shared on the episode of Story of Kakkar’s that Neha’s parents thought of aborting her initially.

Her brother Tony Kakkar rapped to lyrics that told the story. “Paise nahi hote the, raato mein woh rote the, garbh tha giraana, par beete hafte 8 the, garmi ka maheena, din tha 6 June ka, shaam dhal rahi thi, janam hua junoon ka.”

From living in one room rented house to a grand bungalow, it has been a tough and inspirational journey for Neha Kakkar. Being a self-made star, Neha Kakkar has been achieving new success heights.