Pope Francis ‘likes’ Brazilian model’s saucy bikini pics, creates buzz

Oh, this devil! Of course, the vast world of internet and the eagle-eyed netizens who catch every spicy thing in their sight. Once something goes on the huge world of internet, it is really hard to take it off. People on social media are amused to see Pope Francis hitting a “like” on a sensually titillating photo of a model in bikini.

Some of the keen-eyed observers on Instagram shared that the official Instagram handle of Pope Francis had liked a rather “unlikely” picture. An OnlyFans model from Brazil, Natalia Garibotto has claimed that Pope Francis’ verified account “Franciscus” is among the 133,000 followers who “liked” the raunchy picture of her dressed in school-girl outfit.
The Brazilian model with over 2 million subscribers took it all with good humour.

In the picture, this 27-year-old Brazilian model can be seen standing at a school locker in a white crop top and a mini skirt that’s barely there. Barstool Sports also claimed to notice that the model’s racy picture was “blessed” by a holy double tap from Pope Francis’ official Instagram account.

On October 5, the Brazilian model took to her Instagram handle to share her photo with the caption, “I can teach you a thing or two. Can’t wait for you guys to see my October shoot on my site.”

As the model came to know about her secret follower, Pope Francis, she found the situation extremely chucklesome. The model jocularly shared on her Twitter, “At least I’m going to heaven”, after Barstool Sports’ tweet showing Pope Francis among thousands of those who had liked her picture on Instagram.

The model took a humorous take on the matter and shared that her mother might have not approved of the photo but the papal liked it.

Although the situation has definitely created sensation on the social media but it is still not clear whether it was an accidental or an intentional “like” from the official account of Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State.

Pope Francis has been creating some interesting and surprising headlines with his extraordinary decisions in recent months. The Vatican is conducting an investigation into the matter and the alleged “like” has been pulled from the internet.

One user tweeted about the like and said: “Now that’s my kind of Pope.”

Another added: “My mans just admiring God’s creation leave him alone.”

However, others didn’t find the situation appropriate at all and demanded the account to retract the like as they were outraged due to the nature of the photo.