Spoiler Alert: OMG! Anuj reveals his incomplete love story with Anupamaa

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New Delhi: The upcoming track of ‘Anupamaa’ is about to witness some high voltage drama. This show will showcase some dramatic twists and turns in the life of Anupamaa. In the previous episode, we have seen that Vanraj and Kavya join Anuj- Anupamaa in the club. In the upcoming episode, two young boys at the club mix the vodka in the juice for their friends but the waiter accidentally serves the mixture to Vanraj and Anuj. When the duo ends up the cocktail, they both get drunk and call each other Anu- Vanu.

Anuj recalls his first meet

Anuj starts sharing his first meet with Anupamaa with Vanu. Anuj reveals that he waited for 26 years and still could not forgot Anupamaa. After listening to these words Vanraj gets shocked and Anuj says him that he loves Anupamaa. Anuj regrets that he failed to get his love at that time. Also, he says Vanraj that you could never understand Anupamaa as he understands her.

Anuj’s true love for Anupamaa

When Vanraj questions Anuj that why he still remembers Anupamaa it’s been 26 years. At this time Anuj cofesses his love for Anupamaa. Now it would be interesting to see that what will Vanraj do after knowing Anuj’s true love for Anupamaa?

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