‘Bicycle’ song: BTS member RM releases new single

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Bicycle’ song: BTS member RM releases new single BTS Member RM’s surprise with a new solo song titled “Bicycle.” BTS official social media handel revealed the track, was produced written and arranged by RM alongside John Eun. The singer revealed in a post that the FESTA 2021 celebrations served as a terrific motivator for him to develop and release this new song.

BTS MEMBER RM wrote, “I’d always wanted to write a song about bicycles my heart always flutters when I ride a bicycle, but whenever I place my two feet on the pedals, I also always feel a bit sad. Maybe it’s because there are many things I miss… I, too, don’t quite know the reason.

‘Bicycle’ is RM’s first solo track since the release of his 2018 “playlist” project ‘mono’. BTS’ band leader RM debuted the new solo late Sunday night and it has ARMY go crazy with all the sentimental cues attached to it.

The release of “Bicycle” comes close on the heels of BTS’ latest release “Butter,” which broke records worldwide and garnered the biggest premiere in YouTube history as well as an all-time record for views in the first 24 hours.

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According to reports, the song ‘Bicycle’ was inspired by RM’s favourite pastimes and was the primary motivation for him to pen down the lyrics. He had always wanted to write about ‘Bicycle,’ he was finding it difficult to pull together a series.