This Indian actor to share screen with his Korean counterpart?

This Indian actor to share screen with his Korean counterpart?

South K-dramas are the new trend. From roles, characters to their outfits, netizens just can’t get enough of these Korean dramas.

One can binge watch them for hours or even days. These have now become a new phenomenon. With time, K dramas are giving tough competition to their established rivals like Hollywood.

When it comes to Asia’s most addictive drama series, these have apparently become a great addiction.

The famous Nigam brothers namely Siddharth Nigam and Abhishek Nigam have given us bro-goals from time to time.

Their pictures on social media gram are just adorable, they never fail to give us brotherhood goals.

The duo were recently in their hometown and had been sharing pictures from the place on social media.

The Aladdin actor has shared yet another lovely moment with his brother Abhishek Nigam. The picture shows them both going all smiling, and Abhishek posing with squeezed eyes.

Siddharth Nigam tagging Abhishek Nigam mentioned that he is now all ready and perfect to get starred in Korean dramas. Who knows if it could be a reality anytime soon?

With their wild popular music, these Korean TV dramas are popular for beauty and fashion trends.

The Covid-19 pandemic had put a halt to all business and outdoor activities. This was the time when more than half of the world’s population leaned on entertainment to explore the world.

It won’t be wrong to say that no other country shone brighter in the global spotlight than South Korea.

Here are some Korean dramas you can watch to calm down anxiety

Fated to Love you

Fated to Love You will make anyone feel good inside. It is that one Korean drama that you will find peace in.

I am not a Robot

It is a romantic drama about Min Kyu who gets himself a robot, he finds himself getting attracted to it. Later, he realises that his robot is, in fact, a human. The two engage in a heartbreaking trial of broken trust and longing to be with each other.

I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice

It is a slow series but there is something about the cinematography and love story. It will help you calm down.

Fight My Way

It stars Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won as two childhood friends experiencing all the pangs of growing up together.

Humor in Korean dramas

Korean actors carry their own flair for comedy. This is the reason why their rom-com series is a big hit among the masses. With perfect expressions, timing, lines and humor of the adorable cast makes it a perfect hit for the viewers.

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