Tina Datta resents trolls’ comments on her bold pic; ‘Reading nasty things about yourself is disheartening’

Tina Datta resents trolls who commented on her topless pic; 'Reading nasty things about yourself is disheartening'
Image: Tina Datta/ Instagram

Popular television actress Tina Dutta had to resort to disabling the comments on her Instagram post after some people incessasantly commented nasty things about her. The actress had shared a topless picture of herself, wearing just high-waist printed shorts.

While most appreciated the bold look, some chose to troll her for her ‘immodest’ fashion choices. Tina, tired of reading the ugly comments, decided to disable the comment section of that particular post. Check out what she shared on Instagram that lead to this decision:

The Uttaran star said, “Just because we play a certain character on screen doesn’t mean that that’s how we are in real life. I wanted my photos to have variety. I have always loved experiment and love carrying off a sari as much as I love wearing a bikini.”

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She went on, “Some amazing people loved the pictures but, of course, there are some people who love to write dirty comments as they have nothing better to do in life. One has to give back to them so that they learn their lesson. There are people who have a lot of negativity and while trolling, in the long run, doesn’t affect me but in that moment to read nasty things about yourself is disheartening.”

She decided to turn off comments because she did not want to “give a chance to such people to write stuff or spread negativity” on her social media. Furthermore, she said, “I am sure these people would not dare to speak or say stuff they do online, in real life. The internet gives them a chance to say what they want without repercussions. I didn’t want them to get away with it and pointed out to a few and later disabled comments. I don’t want to be bogged down by what others think, for sure. We are living in such difficult times and it is important to stay positive – both physically and mentally. I want to live each day as it comes and do what makes me happy.”

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