Top- 5 BTS Songs That Will give you Motivational vibes; MUST LISTEN

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Top- 5 BTS Songs: Everything improves when you use music to help you get through a bad day. You can make a playlist or choose one at random to keep yourself entertained. You might have your own favourite musicians, or you might use Spotify to find the ones who will provide the soundtrack to your difficult days.

Stay Gold

Stay Gold, from the album Map Of The Soul: 7 Songs, is the newest addition to the comfort playlist. The Journey will be released in Japanese in August 2020. In the movie video, BTS members are seen in a shattered and dreary world before golden dust appears and guides them to a lovely garden full of vitality. A glimmer of what Spring Day promised.


It may appear that everyone else has a big dream except you, and it’s terrifying to live without knowing if you’ll ever have one. If you’re confused and overwhelmed by the world’s and your own expectations of you, this song will help.


This song will make you feel special and loved. This is the one to use if you notice your inner light dimming for any reason.

Spring Day

The Army’s Sweetheart Spring Day, even after all these years, remains a message of hope, especially in these uncertain times. It ensures you’ll see the people you care about again.

Shop for Magic

The song was written for BTS fans and refers to a door in your heart that, if opened, leads to the Magic Shop, a place where you can find relief from your anguish and feel appreciated. Where you can find pleasure and overcome your fears.

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