Top 5 K-Drama characters who deserve their own spin off

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Several characters simply stand out from the crowd! They may or may not be the main characters, but their on-screen presence is so endearing that you are drawn to them like a magnet! You can like or dislike them, but you can’t ignore them!

You can’t deny that they are legendary characters who deserve their own spin-off! From Kim Jae Kyung in The Secret Life Of My Secretary to Kim Seon Ho in Start Up, Seo Ji Hye in Crash Landing On You, Woo Do Hwan in The King Eternal Monarch, there is something for everyone. We’ve chosen five K-drama characters who deserve their own spin-offs.

1. Kim Jae Kyung – The Secret Life Of My Secretary

‘Hi I’m Veronica Park.’ We know, you read the sentence in the voice of the character. Kim Jae Kyung’s character became so well-known that fans referred to her as Veronica Park even when she wasn’t on-screen. I had a great time watching this stylish and fun character on screen, and I believe she deserves her own spin-off!

2. Woo Do Hwan- The King: Eternal Monarch

Woo Do Hwan

There’s no denying that Woo Do Hwan’s excellent double-role made the series far more enjoyable. Woo Do Hwan portrayed both the stoic and serious Jo Yeong and the adorable and clumsy Jo Eun Seob. I’d watch a drama starring only these two characters.

3. Seo Ji Hye – Crash Landing On You

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Seo Dan is one of those female secondary leads in a K-drama who you root for. Seo Dan eventually lost her lover, but as a result of her experiences, she became a happier and more confident person. However, I can’t help but think it would have been more romantic to see Seo Dan and Gu Seung Jun walk away together in the sunset. Sigh! Only if.

4. Ryu Jun Yeol – Reply 1988

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Veteran K-drama fans will tell you that Jung Hwan in Reply 1988 was their first encounter with a second-lead syndrome! Jung Hwan and Taek are both in love with Deok Sun. Jung Hwan, on the other hand, sacrifices his love for Deok Sun. His sacrifice broke fans’ hearts, and they wondered if Jung Hwan deserved a better life than being a pawn in the Taek-Deok Sun love story.

5. Kim Seo Ho – Start Up

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Kim Seon Ho won hearts worldwide with his earnest portrayal as Han Ji Pyeong from Start Up. A mentor figure to Nam Do San and Seo Dalmi, he is the Korean Cyrano de Bergerac. He develops a hopeless crush on Seo Dalmi and will go to any lengths to protect her. Han Ji Pyeong had so much potential, that he certainly deserves a spin-off and perhaps a love interest too.

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