Top-rated shows on Disney Plus to WATCH right now

Disney Plus is one of the most popular name in the over the top streaming platforms, thanks to its wide range of shows and movies that are sure to make you nostalgic.

While the majority of content on Disney Plus is targeting kids but there are many adults who switch to Disney Plus if or when they feel like reliving their childhood.

Disney Plus, the premium streaming platfrom owned by The Walt Disney company, allows you to watch nearly every Disney movie there is. With more than 600 shows, series and movies in its collection, the viewers can easily binge on some of the top-rated shows on Disney Plus.

Whether you are with your family, friends, kids or even alone, here are some of the shows on Disney Plus that you can watch right away.

#1 The Mandalorian

Also known as “that show with baby Yoda” The Mandalorian is ranked as one of the most popular and top rated shows on Disney Plus. Created by Jon Favreau, this Disney Plus original series promises entertainment, suspense and all-round action. Thanks to its stunning visuals and screenplay, you will be glued to the show.

#2 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

For all the Star Wars fans, Disney Plus has added this series in their collection where the action-packed episodes will fill some thrilling loopholes. In depth character-arcs, perfect story-telling and great animation are combined together to give its viewers an action-driven bingeable show.

#3 The Simpsons (1989)

Oh! Are you a fan of the longest-running script ever produced in the States, that goes by the name The Simpsons? Well, you will be amazed to know that all 30 seasons of The Simpsons are now available on Disney Plus. While the first 19 seasons are available in its original 4:3 aspect ratio, after a while, the viewers might have to experience some visual cut out.

#4 Boy Meets World

In its seven seasons, the show talkd about issues like child abuse, divorce, alcoholism with oh-so-interesting story line. One of the top-rated shows on Disney Plus, this coming-of-age, sitcom stars Cory Matthews tackling his life problems. The show has received a huge fan following and a spinoff, Girl Meets World, available on Disney Plus.

#5 Duck Tales (1987)

We are sure almost every 90s kid remembers humming to one of the catchiest theme songs of animatd series called Duck Tales. The series was largely based on Disney Uncle Scrooge Comic Books written by Carl Barks. Known for its stunning animation and iconic story-telling, the 2017 reboot of the show is as good as the original series.

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