Upcoming Spoiler: OMG! Anuj’s Special gift for Anupamaa

Image Credit: Hotstar/Screengrab

New Delhi: The upcoming episode of the most popular show, Anupamaa will showcase some interesting twists and turns with high voltage drama in the life of Anupamaa. In the upcoming track, we will see Anuj explains Shah family to take legal action against Rohan. However, Nandini gets consoled by Anupamaa, Vanraj, Anuj, Kavya, and Kinjal.

Anuj makes his silent exit, while Anupamaa stops him and thanks to him for everything that he did for her family. Anupamaa says she is much lucky to have Anuj support. These words make Anuj happy.

Anuj reaches home and starts dancing in happiness where Gopi Kaka is much happy to see him. On the other side, Vanraj is jealous as Anupamaa specially said thanks to Anuj Kapadia.

Meanwhile, Samar calls Rohan where he wants to exchange blows with him. Then Samar reaches Anuj Kapadia’s house post the huge fight. On the other side, Anupamaa is worried about Samar. But Anuj handled the whole situation when Samar reaches his home.

Anupamaa feels relieved when she receives Samar’s message. Then Anuj buy a special lehenga for Anupamaa and shares this with Devika. Then Devika decides to hand over the lehnga to Anupamaa. Now it would be interesting to see the reaction of Anupamaa after receiving Anuj’s gift.

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