Upcoming Spoiler: WOW! Anuj confesses his love to Anupamaa

Image Credit: Gaurav Khanna/Instagram

New Delhi: The most popular show on Indian television, Anupamaa will showcase some interesting twists and turns with lots of drama. The episode will begin with Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) informing Bapuji and the line getting disconnected. Where the kids compliment the duo, Anuj, and Anupamaa assuming that they are husband and wife. Anuj Anupamaa begins to fight when they call them a cute couple. And kids ask the couple to join the party as they get to see their reunion party video.

Anupamaa and Anuj sneeze when the guy asks them to change as they have his parents’ extra clothes. Anuj changes and comes. Then Anupamaa marks her entry Anuj recalls his college days with Anupamaa where he wanted to confess love to her.

Meanwhile, suddenly Anuj falls sick where he is seen with a high fever. Where Anupamaa takes care of him the entire night and on the other side Vanraj tries to reach Anupamaa on call. Where Vanraj came to know that Abun and Anupamaa are resting in the bedroom. After listening to this he rages in anger. Now it would be interesting to see what happens next in the storyline of Anupamaa.

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