Urfi Javed cat walking in butter yellow dress shuts up trollers with the best caption ever

Urfi Javed cat walking in butter yellow dress shuts up trollers with the best caption ever

Wearing a butter yellow dress, Urfi Javed just shared her thoughts on people calling her dressing as obnoxious. Her caption goes on to explain how it’s not the dressing but people’s mindset that decides how something is good or bad. Last week, Urfi Javed had shared an update from the hospital. The TikTok star landed in hospital for ignoring her health since a long time.

This is what happens when you have not been eating healthy, shared Urfi. In the Instagram post you can see Urfi eating the hospital food with sad expressions.

Just a while ago, Urfi had posted one of her controversial posts, she ended up sharing her almost nude picture with just hair covering her private areas.

After much uproar over her use of hands to cover her chest area, Urfi Javed has come up with a fresh clarification. As per Urfi, she used the dress to showcase her support for the Indian women. As they are tied in rituals and traditions, the women hardly get any breathing space of their own in life. This is how Urfi thinks will help question their placing in the society and how things are defined in terms of gender roles, which should change.

Urfi Javed’s dressing sense has reached another level, the TikTok star used her bare hands to cover her breast. Despite her outrageous fashion choices, Urfi went on gaining likes and followers on her social media account.

Urfi Javed shuts trollers

She is a big star when it comes to followers on Instagram. Urfi has been quite vocal, she speaks her mind on various issues of the day as well.

In her latest Instagram post, Urfi can be seen using her bare hands to cover her breast area.

Urfi Javed in Hospital

Users also don’t refrain from commenting on Urfi’s bold pictures. From chain tops to topless posing Urfi’s account is full of such posts.

Urfi Javed uses bare hands to wrap her breast

One of the users even went on commenting, “Bhai Saahab, Kya Hoga Iska, Aaj to maine bhi comment Kar he diya. This time what looks different was her nose top, the ones that often brides wear on their Lehengas or wedding dresses.

Earlier, Urfi Javed also got death threats from anonymous sources, apparently for her nude poses.

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