Urfi Javed poses in dress made of safety pins, See Pics of her posing as sultry temptress

Urfi Javed poses in dress made of safety pins, See Pics her posing as sultry temptress
Instagram/Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed is the name you just can’t ignore. You may troll her, love her or hate her but you just can’t ignore the novel fashion ideas she gets.

From time to time Urfi has shown her styling sense with bizarre dress ideas. Sometimes, from bikini babe to chain dress, Urfi Javed wears the most outrageous outfits for sure.

This time the tv actress Urfi Javed wears a safety pin dress. Watch out this video for the crazy outfit idea that hit Urfi. (DONT MISS: Urfi’s fashion Tricks)

While the netizens too, never miss any chance to comment on her fashion tricks. From nasty remarks to a thumbs-up, Urfi Javed knows how to put up with her trollers.

Urfi’s new Instagram post show her wearing a dress entirely made of safety pins. She even goes on to share the details of how it took her three days to make this dress.

The tv actress, on multiple occasions, has spoken her heart out about how much she wants to look herself. She definitely attempts to look vivacious while playing a temptress with her exotic outfits from time to time.

Her entire team consists of Geeta Jaiswal whom Urfi Javed thanked for helping her with the making of this safety pin dress.

Urfi Javed wearing safety pin dress

Interestingly, Urfi Javed boasts of her fan following on social media. These are the very viewers who keep her spirits higher.

Earlier this month, one of Urfi’s viral videos showed her enraged after a security guard denied her entry.

The tv actress had lashed out at the event managers for the ordeal. But this safety pin dress is unusually Urfi Javed style for sure.


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