Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan starrer Coolie No.1 reviewed by Twitteratis

Sara Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan starrer Coolie No. 1 released on December 25 and definitely the reviews have started pouring in. No they are not good.

Making remakes in Bollywood is becoming a huge trend but not all filmmakers are enjoying the due success with remakes that they expect. Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan starrer Coolie No. 1 is the recent example of this backlash as the remake failed to perform well on the OTT platform.

The film is the 45th directorial venture of David Dhawan, who also helmed the original which featured Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, and Kader Khan in the lead roles.

Sara Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan are at the receving end of massive backlash from viewers as the 90s kids didn’t approve the remake version of classic Coolie No. 1.

Many people are saying that the movie lacks originality while others found that the logic was missing.

We have curated a list of five things that people absolutely didn’t aprove in Sara and Varun Dhawan starrer, Coolie No. 1:

#1 The train scene that lacks logic

If you have seen Coolie No.1, you must be familiar with the train scene which is grabbing all the attention for all the wrong reasons. We recenlty chanced upon many geeks who voiced their opinion supporting science and logic in this scene.

In the scene, Varun is seen jumping off a roof onto the tracks to save a child. After watching the scene, one might question the existence of speed and velocity, people reckon.

#2 Every scene is a copy-paste of Coolie No.1 (1995)

Many viewers who watched the trailer, reckoned that Varun Dhawan had always been trying to be Govinda in every possible manner. Not only this, many viewers say that even Sara Ali Khan was trying to imitate Karishma and both failed miserably.

#3 The movie was pointless

Many viewers are discarding the whole concept and idea behind the movie and saying that the movie made no sense at all.

#4 “Bollywood should stop making remakes” said a twitter user

Right after the release of Coolie No. 1, many twitter usersss started pointing out many scenes from the movie that made no sense to them.

#5 Govinda cannot be replaced. Period.

And the one thing that nobody seems to digest in the 2020 Coolie No. 1 is the amount of overacting and lack of good acting in the movie.

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The 90s kids have sentimental attachments to the Govinda and Karishma Kapoor starrer Coolie No. 1 and this shouldn’t come as a surprise that people didn’t approve the latest remake.


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