WATCH VIDEO: Poonam Pandey in bra asks ‘what should I wear?’ Fans drop interesting replies

WATCH VIDEO: Poonam Pandey in bra asks 'what should I wear?' Fans drop interesting replies
Image credits: Poonam Pandey/Instagram

Ex-Lock Upp contestant Poonam Pandey is keeping her fans updated on her Instagram handle with her happy pictures and videos after her stint at the popular reality show. On June 3, she took it to Instagram to share some videos. In one of the videos, she was seen wearing a bra and asking her fans in the caption, “What Should I Wear?” To this, her fans had interesting replies. While one of her fans wrote, “just socks”, another said, “Don’t wear anything”. One user commented, “remove all”.

Another video showed the model-actress dancing wearing printed shorts and black top. “I’m here right now”, she wrote in caption.

Meanwhile, in one video, Poonam Pandey was seen with her dog at a beach in Mumbai. She was seen donning a comfy, casual outfit.

Poonam Pandey’s Lock

Poonam was last seen in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show, where she promised her fans that if they save her from the charge sheet, she would remove her t-shirt live on camera. Later, when she became the highest voted contestant and was saved from eviction, she kept her promise. She took off her T-shirt live on camera inside the barrack when no contestents were there. However, she was in bra.

Talking to the camera Poonam said, “Zyaada nahi kar sakti, I can’t break rules. This is a very beautiful platform and is watched by different age groups and I don’t want to do something which can make people unhappy. I wanted to fulfil the promise, but at the same time I didn’t want to cross any limits. I kept that in mind. People who are waiting to see me take off my t-shirt completely, I promise when I come out I will do everything. I promise this entire week I will give you a full dose of entertainment. Remember you seductress princess, I’ll keep entertaining you.”

Poonam Pandey promises to go completely topless

After taking her top off live on camera, Poonam again promised her fans that she will remove her T-shirt if she gets votes in abundance and added “Is baar Shayad Bra Bhi Nahi Rahegi.”

“Agar aap merko bhar bhar ke votes dete hain, is baar t-shirt utarungi, shayad bra bhi nahi rahegi (If you people vote for me excessively, I will remove my t-shirt and this time, maybe I won’t even wear a bra).”

Poonam Pandey Takes Bath in Open Yard

In one of the episodes of Lock Upp, Shivam Sharma and Poonam Pandey took baths openly in the yard area. However, makers of the show did not air the footage of Poonam taking a bath.

Poonam Pandey takes bath in Lock Upp

Poonam Pandey turns seductress

In an episode of Lock Upp, Poonam Pandey was seen seducing the inmates.

Well, this was part of a dare given by the jailor who assigned different characters to five contestants – Munawar Faruqui, Shivam Sharma, Poonam Pandey, Sara Khan and Karanvir Singh.

Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey turns seductress on Kangana Ranaut's show, here's why
Image credits: MX Player

While the jailor asked Shivam to play the character of a lover boy, Sara was asked to become an attention seeker, Munawar a dumb boy and Poonam Pandey a seductress.

As Poonam began seducing everyone, wildcard entry Ali Merchant enjoyed her moves.

Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey turns seductress on Kangana Ranaut's show, here's why
Image credits: MX Player

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