Watch: OMG! Rakhi Sawant just said, “Main to Salman Ji ko Mama Banana chahti hu”

Watch: When Rakhi Sawant said,

Rakhi Sawant recently shared her heart out with media when she said that she wants to make Salman Khan mama as soon as possible. Earlier in the day she shared with media how her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani asks her not to show too much cleavage. The model-cum-actress was spotted sharing her heart out with media about how possessive her boyfriend Adil is for her. Earlier, the couple was spotted outside hospital with her bf Adil Durrani.

The model and actress went all gaga after a paparazzi asked her about the good news. Just a day ago, Rakhi was seen posing on car made of gold entirely with boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani and she is all set to rock IIFA at Abu Dhabi. The actress also thanked her fans out for for supporting and showering love on her. Rakhi has achieved a big feat in terms of 5 million fans on social media. The actress has always been a big paparazzi delight.

Recently, her boyfriend spoke on camera for the first time. He called Rakhi a fun-loving and caring partner. He also spoke briefly about their Dubai trip and memories together. The actress has found new love in Adil Khan Durrani.

Earlier, the actress was papped with him at a night party and Rakhi wore a deep neck for the occasion.

It was a paparazzi moment when Rakhi Sawant kissed Urfi Javed. During the picture clicking moment, the duo were seen posing together.

Later, Urfi can be seen saying “Jhagda Mat Karo Bus”. Urfi Javed has become synonymous with outrageous fashion sense. She is like Indian Lagy Gaga who just loves to go wild with dress ideas.

In her latest Instagram post Urfi Javed wore a floral saree for summers. The itsy-bitsy blouse showed too much. But it is quite usual for Urfi to show off her slender figure.

Earlier, Urfi Javed wore natural sea shells to make a blue top. The wanna be mermaid is posing near the sea with a seashell top and see through cloth wrapped around her legs.

Rakhi Sawant wants to make Salman Khan mama ASAP!

The tv actress reached 3 million followers on her Instagram. She is a name synonymous with outrageous clothing styles.

Hate her or love her but you can’t ignore her and that’s what Rakhi Sawant stands for.

She frequently shares her videos and photos from the latest shoots and trips. Rakhi has her own fan following in India and globally also.

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