What Money Heist Korea’s dramatic poster, stills reveal about the upcoming show? Pics inside

Money Heist Korea's dramatic poster, stills reveal a lot about upcoming show; see pics
Image credits: Netflix

New Delhi: Netflix released new stills and a poster of Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area ahead of its premiere on June 24. While each still will remind you of shots from the original Money Heist, there’s something different about its Korean remake. The latest poster shows the entire star cast, from Tokyo to Berlin to Rio and Denver, as well as the hostages who become casualties of the heist at the Unified Korea Mint. Leading them all is none other than The Professor and his nemesis, the head of the Task Force Team.

Money Heist Korea Poster
Image credits: Netflix

Wondering why the Korean remake of Netflix’s global hit Money Heist is called Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area? Well, now we know why. The makers had recently released the teaser of the upcoming web series, and it convinced viewers why they should be equally excited for the K-adaptation.

The plot borrows its theme mostly from the original in Spanish, about a group of lawbreakers who in the light of the divide between rich and poor in the society, begin to rob government treasury and their leader is the mastermind professor. But the Korean version has some major twists.

Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Area – the title says it all. The adaptation revolves around a Korea on the verge of unification. North Korea and South Korea establish a Joint Security Area with the Unified Korea Mint with the aim of introducing a common currency for a stable joint economy. But contrary to expectations, “only the rich got richer,” leading to inequality.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area
Image credits: Netflix

Watch Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area teaser

This time, Tokyo is an ex-soldier from the north who teams up with the professor to plan an unprecedented heist. And they are being challenged by a joint task force led by South Korean negotiation specialist Seon Woojin and North Korean agent Cha Moohyu. Furthermore, Hahoe masks have replaced the Salvador Dali masks.

The teaser leaves us with a deja vu of some memorable scenes from the Spanish version. It also introduces the entire cast in their characters for the first time, including Park Hae-soo, who rose to fame with Squid Game and now plays Berlin. Actor and filmmaker Yoo Ji-tae plays the Professor, while Jeon Jong-seo plays Tokyo.

The web series also stars Lee Kim Ji-hoon (Denver), Jang Yoon-ju (Nairobi), Lee Hyun-woo (Rio), Won-jong (Moscow), Kim Ji-hun (Helsinki) and Lee Kyu-ho (Oslo). Kim Yunjin plays Seon Woojin from the heist task force, which reminds us of Raquel Murillo.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will premiere on June 24.

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