Ayodhya Land Deal: Ram Temple Trust releases purchase details after corruption allegations

Ayodhya Land Deal: Ram Janmbhoomi Trust releases purchase details
Image Credit: @ShriRamTeerth

Ram Janmbhoomi Trust on June 15, 2021, issued a statement on the controversial Ayodhya land deal.

The trust also released details of purchase and agreement. The Ram Janmbhoomi Trust’s statement comes amid the allegations of corruption in the Ayodhya land deal.

According to the statement issued by Ram Janmbhoomi Trust, the negotiations were carried out with the consent of those 9 people who were involved in the land deal.

The trust also said that it had decided to conduct financial dealings through banking channels to keep everything on record.

“Nyas was interested to purchase this land but first wanted to finalise all the previous agreements so that ownership of the land may be cleared. About 9 individuals were involved in this deal from last 10 years, in these 9 persons 3 are Muslims…All the 9 persons were contacted, negotiated. On receiving their consent, they all came and sat together to decide their previous agreements,” the statement said.

“A piece of land of their own choice to be provided for rehabilitation and sufficient funds to be given for constructing their buildings,” the trust said.
Speaking about the agreement, the Trust said that the land was bought by Ravi Mohan Tiwari and Sultan Ansari on March 18 at the price of Rs 2 crore. The land was valued at Rs 5.80 crores according to the circle rate.

According to the Trust, Tiwari and Ansari entered into an agreement before selling the land to the Ram Janmbhoomi Trust.

“Consideration amount agreed was Rs. 18.50 crores. Payment of Rs. 17 crores was made as advance by online transaction,” it further stated.

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