Centre warns aerosol particles could also be Covid spreaders

Centre warns aerosol particles could also be Covid spreaders
Image: Pexel

Centre Thursday warned that smaller aerosol particles can be carried in the air for 10 metres.

The government has shared a set of easy to follow guidelines on how to fight Covid. It also states how using proper ventilation can prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The principal scientific adviser K Vijay Raghavan office’s new advisory also warns against running air conditioners while keeping windows and doors shut.

The guideline stresses following COVID-appropriate behaviour. It speaks about how an asymptomatically infected person can also spread the virus.

The smaller aerosol particles are becoming a major source of spread. Moreover, droplets from an infected person land on various surfaces. It calls for frequent cleaning of high contact points.

It also talks about how wearing double layer masks or an N95 masks offer maximum protection.

The guidelines also highlight the important role well-ventilated spaces play in fighting the virus.

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