Cloud burst in Jammu’s Kishtwar district leaves several missing

Cloud burst in Jammu's Kishtwar district leaves several missing
Image: ANI/Twitter

Several are missing after a cloud burst over Honjar village in the Kishtwar district in the Jammu region on Wednesday.

So far, at least four bodies have been recovered.

The cloud burst happened in the wee hours of Wednesday. A search and rescue operation has been launched. Also, there is no mobile phone connectivity in the area.

Kishtwar town is around 200km from Jammu. Dacchan is a remote and hilly area in the Kishtwar district. Bridges on one side of the affected area have also been washed away. The river is in spate.

Moreover, teams from the Indian Air Force are also expected to join the rescue operation. And teams from National Disaster Response Force are being airlifted from Jammu to Kishtwar.

The India Meteorological Department forecasted widespread intermittent rain most likely to continue till July 30. Heavy to very heavy rain is also possible in some places.

There are possibilities of heavy rains leading to flash floods, mudslides, landslides and waterlogging (in low lying areas).

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