COVID-19: RSS man who gave up his own bed to save another man’s life dies

COVID-19: RSS man who gave up his own bed to save another man's life passes away
Narayan Dabhadkar

An 85-year-old RSS worker gave up his own bed at a hospital to save a young patient’s life from COVID-19.

RSS’s Narayan Dabhadkar tested positive COVID-19. So, when his oxygen levels dropped, he was rushed to a hospital.

After trying hard to get a bed, he finally got one at the Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital in the city.

At the hospital, he noticed a woman imploring the authorities to arrange a bed to admit her husband.

Her husband was also COVID-19 positive and in critical condition. The hospital though had already run out of beds to accommodate any more patients.

Dabhadkar then decided that the bed allotted to him should be given to the lady’s husband.

“I am 85 now and have lived my life, you should offer the bed to this man instead. His children need him,” he said.

Signing a consent form he gave his bed to the young man and asked his family to take him back home.

Within next few days, Narayan Dabhadkar of RSS passed away of COVID-19. The Delhi High court judge has also praised the elderly for his humanitarian act.

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