Govt: COVID-19 victims among bodies spotted in Ganga

COVID-19 victim bodies among those spotted in Ganga, Acknowledges govt

Several bodies of those who died of COVID-19 infection have been spotted dumped in some rivers, according to a letter issued by a state government. Later, the letter was reportedly seen by Reuters which reported about it.

This letter comes as the first official acknowledgment of an alarming practice. The photographs of the corpses drifting towards the river Ganges gave a sudden shock to the nation which is facing an unprecedented COVID-19 situation.

“The administration has information that bodies of those who have succumbed to Covid-19 or any other disease are being thrown into rivers instead of being disposed of as per proper rituals,” Manoj Kumar Singh, a senior state official, said in a letter to district heads.

“As a result, bodies have been recovered from rivers in many places,” he added in the letter issued on May 14, 2021.

While confirming the letter to Reuters, Singh said that the post mortem report of four to five bodies in the Ghazipur district doesn’t reveal virus infection.

“The bodies are decomposed, so I am not sure in this state it can be found out about corona positive,” he said in a text message.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday directed officials to strengthen rural healthcare resources and improve surveillance. His direction came as a response to the possibility of the spread of the virus in rural areas of the country.

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