Covid Meals for India: An initiative to provide healthy meals amid pandemic

COVID meals for India

In light of the surge of COVID-19 in India, many citizens have come forward to help their country in every possible way. One excellent example of this patriotism is Chef Saransh Goila and more than 1500 other such cooks providing hot and healthy meals to all those affected by the pandemic.

Goila and his team have developed a website – , which is currently providing fresh meals in over 50 cities across India. ‘Covid Meals for India’ is also enabling verified food NGOs to get donations where you can directly donate them on their websites.

They accept donations, volunteers and provide easy access to a hot meal.

How to use the website?

The website has an easy user interface and allows you to choose from the following options:

  • Donate monetarily
  • Find food locally
  • Volunteer to supply charitable meals

The website allows you to donate money to ‘Feeding From Far’ and ‘Enrich Lives Foundation’. These organisations solve hunger issues and ensure uninterrupted distribution of ration, meals and medical assistance to vulnerable communities, respectively.

The website also provides an algorithm that helps you find and order a free meal for yourself and your family. You enter you locality, find suppliers and order food via WhatsApp.

This website also lets you register as a service provider if you have resources you can share.

Facebook recently promoted this initiative on their app and the post received an overwhelming response. People vouched for ‘Covid Meals for India’ in the comments and appreciated the work they are doing.

“When I was hungry you gave me food to eat… this is really being humane… God bless you all…,” wrote Jennifer, a satisfied customer.

Share this link with everyone you know. You never know who might need it. It is truly a commendable initiative by Chef Goila and team.

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